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28 new SIN List chemicals to start acting on

28 new SIN chemicals to start acting on

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31 SIN groups

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Reports reveal how industry lobby managed to block progress on regulating EDCs

On May 20 the journalist Stephane Horel, together with the research campaign group Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO), released a report describing how the work to define criteria for Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) has been shuffled around within the EU Commission as a response to heavy industry lobbying. Another report released by the group Pesticide Action Network, PAN, includes a timeline of the events around the EDC criteria.

Both reports describe conflicts inside the Commission, showing how DG Environment was being increasingly isolated by the other Directorates-General, in particular DG SANTE (former SANCO), who now have the responsibility for the criteria development. DG SANTE is currently performing an impact assessment of the different criteria options, which they are to present at a workshop 1st of June. According to these reports this impact assessment was a main demand from the active industry groups.