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ChemSec launch the Textile Guide

ChemSec launch the Textile Guide - A new tool to tackle chemicals in textiles

Up until now brand owners and other companies in the textile sector had to invest a lot of money in chemical expertise in order to produce toxic...


A well-functioning authorisation process drives innovation

The authorisation process

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28 new SIN List chemicals to start acting on

28 new SIN chemicals to start acting on

Additional 28 chemicals identified as Substances of Very High Concern and included on the SIN List


Our new tool SINimilarity


Search among 80,000 chemicals to find out if they are similar to the chemicals on the SIN List!


Financial investors taking action

Sustainable investments avoiding hazardous chemicals

Concrete tools for investors wanting to avoid the risks of investing in high concern chemicals


New European Chemical Sector report from Vigeo

Vigeo’s 2010 “Chemical Sector Rating” comprises the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities of 21 companies from 8 countries. The SIN List has been used within one criterion; Product Safety (policies for nanotechnology risk management, traceability systems and risk management of GMOs, and REACH).

Further issues included in the rating are:
  • Information provided to Customers
  • Pollution Prevention and Control
  • Reduction of Energy use and Energy related Emissions
  • Waste management
  • Responsible Management of Restructurings
  • The improvement of Health and Safety conditions

Vigeo has analysed companies’ prevention of product safety risks as well as their management of product safety incidents. The rating includes how companies’ product safety risks are assessed and how substitutes are developed for hazardous products. In addition, transparent communication on risks associated with the products and the provision of assistance for customers to correctly use these products are of critical importance for the sector and part of the analysis.

Summary of Vigeo´s 2010 European chemical sector study

For the full report and detailed information on companies rating, please contact Jordi Lesaffer at Vigeo: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.