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European companies ask the Commission for protective EDC criteria

IKEA, H&M, Skanska, Kingfisher, The Swedish Construction Federation and COOP Denmark have sent a joint letter to the EU Commission, calling for the EDC criteria to be put in place swiftly.

“We already have strict demands on our own product brands, but to assure a broader phase-out it is necessary that the EU takes this seriously and that the work to ban these chemicals is speeded-up”, says Jens Visholm, Executive Vice President for COOP Denmark.

The letter urges the Commission to not only consider the interests of companies concerned about the negative impacts of strict EDC regulation. For the undersigned companies, several of them members of the ChemSec Business Group, the trust and safety of their consumers is key for their business success.

“For COOP and the other companies it is important that the criteria will be in line with the progressive actions we have already taken. We know there are lobbyists working hard to slow down the progress, representing organisations that do not want regulation in this area. It is therefor important that companies like us, who invest a lot towards getting rid of EDCs, show EU policy makers our clear intentions”, says Malene Teller Blume, Quality Manager at COOP.

EDC criteria would help to steer long-term product development goals and help in supply chain communication globally, according to the letter.

“We are very glad that these progressive companies are now contacting the Commission. As in all regulatory processes mainly the companies who fear change have made their voices heard. The Commission must now ask themselves: which type of companies do we support by our suggested EDC criteria: the progressive and innovative companies or the companies unwilling to adapt to a changing environment”, says Anna Lennquist, ChemSec Toxicologist.

Recently, the responsible Commissioner Vytensis Andriukaitis said there will be a decision taken among the colleague of Commissioners on June 15. There will be two separate draft criteria: one for the biocides and one for the pesticides regulation. According to Andriukaitis, the draft criteria will be presented on the Commission web site as soon as agreed.

The French minister for the Environment Ségolène Royal said in an interview for Le Monde that France will take action against the Commission if the draft criteria presented are not in line with the recent scientific consensus statement, which states that potency should not be part of EDC identification.

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