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28 new SIN List chemicals to start acting on

28 new SIN chemicals to start acting on

Additional 28 chemicals identified as Substances of Very High Concern and included on the SIN List


Our new tool SINimilarity


Search among 80,000 chemicals to find out if they are similar to the chemicals on the SIN List!


The SIN List divided into 31 groups

31 SIN groups

The SIN List is divided into 31 groups based on structural similarity which in turn can be linked to toxicological effects.


Financial investors taking action

Sustainable investments avoiding hazardous chemicals

Concrete tools for investors wanting to avoid the risks of investing in high concern chemicals


”The SIN List is a major driver for innovation”

European Commission: The SIN List is a major driver for innovation

States the European Commission in their "Thematic studies for Review of REACH 2012"


New SIN website

In the beginning of June ChemSec launched the new ChemSec website. The SIN List website has been integrated in the ChemSec website and given a special section of the site. ChemSec business collaboration also has a section of it’s own, since the partnerships with engaged companies is an important tool for real toxic use reduction in society.

The address will still take you directly to the SIN part of the new website. So please visit us! We hope that the new website will be a dynamic resource for you.