Strengthening NGO capacity on chemicals safety among NGOs in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia

Together with three environmental NGOs, FRI (Belarus), EcoAccord (Russia) and Mama86 (Ukraine), ChemSec will arrange a capacity-building workshop on chemicals safety in Stockholm, Sweden December 3-7, 2007. The workshop will build on previous projects and studies carried out in each country and focus on chemicals regulation in relation to SAICM and REACH as well as solutions to the hazards of leaking obsolete chemicals found in storages all over the three countries.

The idea of a workshop in Sweden was raised as a request from the partner organisations after they had identified needs for capacity building for NGOs working for safer chemicals management in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The participants will also be able to meet with Swedish experts on chemical safety relevant to their work as well as visiting sites that provide good examples and inspiration for their future work.