EU agrees on Classification and Labelling

The EU legislators have reached an agreement on the Proposal for a Regulation on classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures, the CLP regulation. In the process to adapt GHS, the Globally harmonised System for Classification and Labelling of chemicals to EU law, the negotiators representing the European Parliament and of the Council came to an agreement at the informal trilogue meeting of 19 June.

ChemSec welcomes the accord on the CLP-regulation, which will complement REACH in providing a harmonised approach in the new EU chemicals policy. The fact that the co-legislators introduced provisions taking into account the special need for a PBT labelling is encouraging, says Nardono Nimpuno, senior policy advisor at ChemSec. Since this group of chemicals, consisting of Persistent, Bio-accumulative and Toxic substances is identified as highly problematic in REACH, this acknowledgement has now rightly been recognised in the CLP-regulation.(Art. 53)

In addition, the final text dropped the unfortunate tonnage-limitations introduced be the European Parliaments Environment Committee regarding certain hazardous substances. The exclusion of certain CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic to reproduction) substances from the scope of the regulation was removed (Art. 1.2.d). Likewise, the proposal to exclude hazardous substances below the 1 tonne limit from notification obligations were deleted (Art. 40-41).

The Council formally approved the new text on 27 June, the European Parliament has scheduled its plenary CLP-decision to take part at its first September-session in Strasbourg. Read the final text on 'Classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures', of 27 June 2008.


Final text