Friends of the Earth found Bisphenol A in beverages

Friends of the Earth in Germany, BUND, have tested canned drink products, and found Bisphenol A in all of the tested can linings, and traces of Bisphenol A in almost half of the drinks. In one beverage 3.9 micrograms Bisphenol A per litre was found. The test included among others Sprite, Red Bull, Nescafe, Coca-Cola, Becks Beer and Faxe beer cans.

BUND calls for a ban of Bisphenol A in products that come into contact with food. The Bisphenol A content in these cans are unlikely to pose independent health risks, but BUND highlights the health risk consumption of canned drinks adds to consumers' cumulative exposure to Bisphenol A.

BUND Press Release (in German)