Official launch of SUBSPORT 24 May 2012

SAVE THE DATE: There is an urgent need to phase out harmful chemicals and replace them with safer alternatives or techniques. Information about how this can be done, and which alternatives can be used, will be available in the new online tool SUBSPORT.

SUBSPORT, the Substitution Support Portal, is a free-of-charge multilingual web portal providing a useful resource on safer alternatives to the use of hazardous chemicals. It is a source of not just information on alternative substances and technologies, but also of tools and guidance for substance evaluation and substitution management.

In two months time, on 24 May, the SUBSPORT portal will be officially launched, and an important part of the portal, the case story database, will be made public online. The case story database is an interactive tool to search for practical real-case substitution examples provided by companies and other stakeholders, as well as examples found in literature.


The official launch of SUBSPORT will be held as a free of charge side event at the Helsinki
Chemicals Forum (

When: 24 May 17.00-18.00
Where: Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre, Helsinki, Finland

Share your substitution experience

Take the opportunity to contribute to the SUBSPORT case story database under construction by sharing your experience in substituting hazardous chemicals with safer alternatives.

Contact Anna Lennquist at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or via

The web portal - all information in one place

Besides the case story database, the SUBSPORT portal presents:

  • How to identify hazardous substances
  • A database of hazardous substances that are legally or voluntarily restricted (or being proposed to) by authorities, trade unions, companies or NGOs
  • Legal requirements for substitution
  • Information on how to perform substitution step-by-step
  • Existing substitution tools to compare and assess alternative substances and technologies

For more information about substitution, the features of the SUBSPORT portal, and the partners behind the project please visit the SUBSPORT portal: