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The Bigger Picture – Assessing economic aspects of chemicals substitution (2016)

Policy makers need to take a broad approach in their assessments of whether to regulate a chemical or not. Since the ultimate aim is to protect human health and environment, while stimulating economic growth at the same time, one must include the costs and benefits for all involved parties. Failing to do so will cause regulation to misfire and favour laggards instead of frontrunners, as well as create barriers to innovation and weakened protection for the environment.

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Keep Circular Economy free from Hazardous Chemicals (April 2016)

Circular economy has recently attracted a lot of attention, and we can now see the first steps in this process taking shape. At ChemSec, we see great potential for the circular economy and chemicals regulations to reinforce each other and boost recycling in a sustainable way, with safe and long- lasting products. As the essence of the circular economy has to seep through a large number of legislative proposals and committee decisions, we believe it is important that ambition levels are kept high in all areas.