Swedish Member of Parliament wants REACH to address groups of chemicals

In a motion to the Swedish Parliament on 5 November, the Social Democratic Party member Åsa Westlund propose alterations in the EU chemicals regulation REACH, in order to enable chemicals with similar structure to be addressed as groups of chemicals.

Missed our SINnovation event in Brussels yesterday? View filmed presentations here

 SINnovation – keys for the future: including SIN update and launch of SINimilarity

8 October 2014 around 100 stakeholders gathered in Brussels for the one-day event "SINnovation – keys for the future". Among the speakers were high level representatives from authorities, the scientific community, chemical industry, downstream users and financial investors.

Below you find links to the filmed presentations as well as powerpoints. 

28 new SIN chemicals to start acting on

Additional 28 chemicals identified as Substances of Very High Concern and included on the SIN List

The SIN List now divided into 31 groups

To facilitate for companies and other users of the SIN List, the SIN List is divided into 31 groups based on structural similarity which in turn can be linked to toxicological effects.

Our new tool SINimilarity

SINimilarity is based on the SIN List and is a tool to help mainly non-chemists to easily identify substances that are similar to SIN List substances. The aim is to help avoiding regrettable substitution. With SINimilarity you can search among 80,000 chemicals to find out if they are similar to the chemicals on the SIN List.

SINnovation – Keys For The Future, 8 October 2014, Brussels

Welcome to the ChemSec event SINnovation – Keys For The Future, including the presentation of the SIN List Update.

This update adds a number of important new substances, but also takes the concept one step further by introducing grouping of the SIN List and a tool for assessing substances similar to the SIN substances: "SINimilarity". While launching the new SIN List we will also present an updated database, more easily accessible for the growing numbers and variety of SIN List users.