Webinar: The


Webinar: The “Innovation Principle”

Published on 22 Jan 2019

The last couple of weeks there’s been a new discussion emerging from the Brussels bubble about the so-called “Innovation Principle”, and in December the wording made its first apperence in an official EU text.

At a glance – the “Innovation Principle” looks great. It’s only when you look a bit closer at it that the cracks start to appear. Behind the campaign pushing to introduce the “Innovation Principle” is a Brussels based lobby group called ERFwhich was funded by the likes of Chevron, BASF, Philip Morris, Bayer to name a few.

Those opposing this new principle fears it will be used to trump the Precautionary Principle – which is in place to make sure that potentially harmful products are not put on the market.

This webinar looks at the current facts surrounding the “Innovation Principle” and puts it all in perspective.

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