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Analysis: The parliament’s rejection of the EDC criteria proposal is a victory for democracy

On the 4th October the EU Parliament voted against the Commission’s proposed criteria for identifying endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). Coming this far – to a proposal accepted by a majority of Member States – has been anything but straightforward. Paved by scandals, dirty industry lobbying and lawsuits, the proposal’s shaky journey has ended…

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Substitute It Now… with this

During its ten years of existence, the SIN (Substitute It Now!) List has been a useful source of information on hazardous chemicals that are likely to be restricted in the EU in the future. So far, the SIN List has focused solely on the bad options – what not to use – but due to ChemSec’s newest project Marketplace, it now also lists the safer alternatives.

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Alternative providers need exposure if substitution is to become more than a buzzword

I think that dating sites manifest one of the best and most intrinsic qualities of the internet: to connect people. And of course, this quality can be used for more than dating and finding a new partner – it can also be used to speed up the transition from hazardous chemicals to safer alternatives.