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We are driving the change to safer chemicals

Today, hazardous chemicals created by man are normal ingredients found in many everyday products; they prevent your computer from catching fire, extend the life of food in different packaging, make your coat waterproof and fulfill hundreds of other functions in thousands of products.

ChemSec – the International Chemical Secretariat – is an independent non-profit organisation that advocates for substitution of toxic chemicals to safer alternatives. We do this because these substances represent one of the biggest and most serious threats to our health and environment. And because we know that change is possible. Through independent research, cross-border collaboration and practical tools, we are driving the development of more progressive chemicals legislation and pushing businesses towards the transition to non-toxic alternatives. And the more people who work towards the same goal, the quicker this process will be.

The challenge we face

Hazardous chemicals can be found in clothing, consumer electronics, packaging and many other products which surround us in our everyday lives. They spread throughout the environment, increasing the risk of cancer and infertility, among other things. We want to prevent this from happening.

Our focus

We operate globally to facilitate contact between decision makers, companies and research in the fight against hazardous chemicals. We advocate for progressive legislation, sustainable corporate chemicals management and offer guidance to companies committed to changing the way they work with chemicals. Among other things, we are developing the SIN List and a host of other online tools, which guide companies forward and show how they can reduce the use hazardous chemicals in their products and supply chains. Used by tens of thousands of professionals around the world, these tools are recognised by many of the world’s biggest companies, the UN, the EU, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), environmental organisations and other national and international institutions and research centres. We also pursue dialogue with investors seeking to avoid the financial risks associated with production and the use of toxic chemicals.

Our organisation

Founded in 2002, ChemSec engages the work of chemists, political scientists, business experts and communicators, among others. Our organisation is run with financial support from the Swedish Government, foundations, private individuals and other non-profit organisations. The World Wide Fund for Nature, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, Friends of the Earth Sweden and Nature & Youth Sweden are represented on the ChemSec board. ChemSec also sits in the executive committee of IPEN and are a member organisation in the EEB.

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