ChemSec Team

Anne-Sofie Bäckar

Now ChemSec’s Executive Director, Anne-Sofie was among the people that originally started ChemSec in 2002 in a small office. A strategist with clear ideas how to shape the future of chemicals and regular at many high level meetings.

frida hök

Frida is ChemSec’s Deputy Director. She has an extensive knowledge about chemical legislation and is constantly on the road travelling to policy meetings all over Europe. Frida project leads most of ChemSec’s policy focused reports.

peter pierrou

Peter is the Head of Communications at ChemSec, making sure ChemSec is seen in the right places and perceived in the right way. He is involved in most of ChemSec’s projects in some capacity, knowing a little about everything.

Jerker Ligthart

Jerker is a chemical engineer and a Senior Chemicals Advisor with ChemSec. Among many other things, Jerker project leads the Marketplace as well as the technical parts of ChemSec’s business tools.

anna lennquist

Dr. Anna is ChemSec’s Senior Toxicologist and the project leader for the SIN List and substitution. Anna stays up to date with the science side of chemicals, for example regarding endocrine disrupting chemicals, EDCs.

theresa kjell

As ChemSec’s Senior Policy and Business Advisor, Theresa is in charge of ChemSec’s business work, especially the Business Group. Apart from that she brings her expertise to ChemSec’s policy and legislation work.

sonja haider

Previously a stock broker, Sonja now works as ChemSec’s Senior Business and Investors Advisor. Sonja knows what pitfalls awaits investors not willing to take hazardous chemicals into account, and holds a lot of contacts relevant for ChemSec’s business work, in particular ChemSec’s Marketplace.

jonatan kleimark

Dr. Jonatan has a PhD in organic chemistry and is a Senior Chemicals Advisor at ChemSec. With a combination of experience from academia and industry, Jonatan understands the needs and requirements from companies interested in ChemSec’s Marketplace.

philip krook

Philip is ChemSec’s Communications Officer and has a background working as a journalist. At ChemSec, Philip is responsible for all kinds of written material and has, in short time, become the official team photographer.

magdalena romanov

Magdalena works with Project support and Administration at ChemSec. She is the glue that holds the organisation together, handling everything from budget to hotel bookings. At the same time she helps out with a variety of ChemSec projects.

Alice Hyllstam

As Marketplace Business Developer, Alice is tasked with maintaining and establishing contact with companies for ChemSec’s newest project – Marketplace. She is also highly involved in the overall development of the platform, making sure that it resonates with the target group.