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What We Do

All ChemSec’s work aims to speed up the transition to a world free of hazardous chemicals. More concretely, ChemSec’s work can be divided into three parts; policy, business & investors and tools.

ChemSec innovates and builds web-based tools aimed at companies that want to reduce its toxic footprint. The tools are rational, built on credible science and offers something unique. The most well known tool, the SIN List, has global power in the world of chemicals and is followed by multinational corporations, UN, other environmental organisations, national chemicals authorities and decision makers etc.

We have cooperated with Dow Jones to make greater reference to a company’s use of toxic chemicals in their sustainability index, which is positive because a large proportion of companies place the highest priority of positioning themselves high on the index. A good position affects where pension funds and other major asset managers place their assets.

We spur the members of the ChemSec Business Group; adidas Group, Apple, Boots, Coop, Dell, EurEau, H&M, Ikea, Kingfisher, Lego, Shaw, Skanska, Sony Mobile and the Swedish Construction Federation, to be better and stricter in their internal efforts to stop the use of toxic chemicals.

We regularly inspire multinational corporations, that have the power required to make demands in the global supply chains, to develop products that are free of toxic chemicals.

We push international decision makers and contribute strongly to Europe’s chemical legislative body REACH, which is a framework that the rest of the world follows, having a progressive and sustainable direction. By influencing the legislation we reduce the population’s exposure to hazardous chemicals in everyday products like furniture, clothes, paint, electronics, toys and food packaging.