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Authorisation to use lead pigments granted

An application to authorise the non-consumer use of two lead pigments was granted by the REACH committee yesterday, ENDS Europe writes.

The application, submitted by Canadian company DCC, have been an ongoing story for several years. With the authorisation to use lead sulfochromate yellow and lead chromate molybdate sulfate red for six different uses it seems to have come to an end, at least for now.

– This decision totally undermines the whole REACH process. Therefor we will continue to challenge this authorisation, says Frida Hök, ChemSec Policy Advisor.

The decision to grant authorisation was agreed upon by a majority of the member states, and the committee said the application was justified on the basis of the requirements of the REACH legislation.

The lead pigments were authorised for use in coatings and plastics for aimed for industry use for seven years. The exception was use for lead pigments in road markings, which was authorised to use for four years.