Tools for investment analysis

Financial investors aiming for sustainable investments have a broad range of factors to take into account, chemicals being only one of them. To facilitate investors to avoid investments in hazardous chemicals, ChemSec provides and develops new tools for investment analysis regarding chemical management.

What kind of substances is it and which companies are producing them? The following ChemSec tools can answer these questions:

> ChemScore – Ranking the world’s top 35 chemical producers on their work to reduce their chemical footprint

> The SIN Producers List

> The SIN List

Why should investors care about chemicals? How do you avoid risking your profits and how do you stay away from investing in hazardous chemicals? Please read following brochure and elaborate chemical criteria:

> Criteria catalogue

Tools for information about sectors using chemicals

The Chemical Footprint project helps fill an enormous gap in corporate sustainability reporting, addressing chemical issues substantially unaddressed by the Global Reporting Initiative. Companies report on their chemical management strategy, their knowledge of the chemicals in their products and supply chain, their efforts to reduce chemical hazards and encourage use of safer alternatives, and their policies on public disclosure of chemical information and third party verification.

To support the project, helping it to gain momentum, please sign as a signatory and encourage companies to take part.

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