SIN Producers

The SIN Producers List is the only searchable database of companies that are producing or importing the most hazardous chemicals in Europe and USA. This information can be used for making sustainable investments, identifying companies with a product portfolio likely to be regulated and for comparing chemical companies against each other.

Inclusions on the list are done on the same scientific basis that constitutes the EU’s world-leading chemical legislation REACH. So in other words, The SIN Producers List provides a peek into the future of European chemicals regulation. So far ChemSec has a pretty good track record. Out of all the substances that are officially regulated under REACH today, ChemSec named over 94 % of them well ahead of the authorities.

The SIN (Substitute It Now!) Producers List is designed exclusively with financial investors in in mind. It builds on data from ChemSec’s SIN List, which is a globally recognized and scientifically credible list of hazardous chemicals used by over 20 000 professionals from all over world.