ChemSec’s annual Business Group meeting kicks off today
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ChemSec’s annual Business Group meeting kicks off today

REACH, Circular Economy and substitution will be on the agenda during the two days of ChemSec’s Business Group meeting which kicks off today in Stockholm, Sweden. The meeting is hosted by the Business Group’s latest member, the multinational clothing-retail company H&M.

The ChemSec Business Group is a collaboration among companies working together to inspire concrete progress on toxic use reduction. It gathers market-leading companies, across a diversity of sectors, for the development of effective corporate practice in the substitution of hazardous substances. It also raises public awareness of companies’ efforts to be drivers on this issue.

The members of the Business Group are adidas Group, B&Q, Boots, Coop, Dell, EurEau, H&M, Ikea, Shaw, Skanska, Sony and the Swedish Construction Federation.

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