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ChemSec´s director invited to meet with chemical industry CEOs in connection with World Economic Forum

ChemSec’s director Anne-Sofie Andersson is today joining the annual CEO Summit of the International Council of Chemicals Associations, taking place in connection with the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Ms Andersson was invited to “join in leading a proactive advocacy agenda for 2015” and to discuss chemicals regulation and the development of the SIN List.

Ms Andersson’s  speech focused around a few important trends which ChemSec believes will be decisive for chemical industry the years to come:

  • Downstream users of chemicals have become more knowledgeable and demanding when it comes  to chemicals. They want more transparency and dialogue with the chemical industry and wish to take an active part in the development of safer alternatives.
  • Chemicals regulation is fast developing worldwide.
  • Financial investors are increasingly interested in the link between the production and use of hazardous chemicals and profit.

Ms Andersson called for chemical industry to join this development and the market opportunities that follow, rather than to struggle against it. This requires increased transparency, better dialogue with downstream users and more focus on sustainable innovation.

Ms Andersson’s full speech