Companies: Speak up loud and proud on PFAS! – Join ChemSec’s briefing to find out how
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Companies: Speak up loud and proud on PFAS!
– Join ChemSec’s briefing to find out how

Time is finally running out for “forever chemicals”. The EU recognizes that the close to 5,000 PFAS chemicals should be restricted as a group – not one by one. Five Member States have started gathering evidence for a broad ban. But they need your help, and ChemSec can show you how to provide it.

The group ban of 200 PFAS chemicals that the European Commission decided on earlier this autumn was just the beginning. Right now, five EU Member States (Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Denmark) are laying the groundwork for a broad PFAS ban, restricting the use of all “forever chemicals”.


Your input will give the PFAS restriction roots – and wings

Support and evidence for a general restriction is gathered through studies of PFAS use within various industries, as well as through public consultations, where companies and other stakeholders are asked to provide their input and unique expertise.

This is where you – and your company – come into the picture. Your insight into PFAS use, as well as knowledge about and experience from safer alternatives, is crucial for making this general restriction as solid, efficient and rooted in “the real world” as possible.

“The voices of companies, especially innovators, producers and users of safer alternatives, are often missing in public consultations, while the producers of harmful substances are always quick to defend their products and complain about regulation. So we want to encourage companies working with safer alternatives to come forward in this important consultation, says ChemSec’s Deputy Director Frida Hök.


Ask us any “dumb” questions before you submit your response

The deadline for responding to the current public consultation has been extended to October 17, so there is still time to make your voice heard. We at ChemSec have already hosted one, very popular briefing about the consultation, and will host another one on October 5, 17-18 CET (11 a.m. Eastern and 8 a.m. Pacific).

Apart from our own knowledgeable experts, we are very pleased to have Jenny Ivarsson, Strategic Advisor and Project Manager at the Swedish Chemicals Agency (KEMI) and part of the team working with this restriction, with us at the briefing.

Read more and register, and remember – there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

“One of our top priorities is to make sure companies in possession of safe and effective alternatives are being heard by regulators, to ensure swift action and fewer exemptions, as well as greater availability and lower costs of substitutes. This will benefit all companies who, up until now, have had a hard time phasing out PFAS”, says Frida Hök.


Save the date – and the links

Respond to the public consultation online or download it.

And don’t forget to register to our briefing on October 5, 17-18 CET (11 a.m. Eastern and 8 a.m. Pacific).