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Coop Denmark calls on Danish authorities to ban bisphenols and fluorinated substances

In an effort to reduce the exposure of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) to the Danish population, Coop Denmark calls on the Danish Parliament to adopt a ban of harmful bisphenols and fluorinated substances in materials that come in contact with food and other consumer products. The appeal is designed in such a way that ordinary Danes can make their views known by becoming co-senders of it.

“This is a great initiative by Coop and it shows how progressive corporations can extend their aim to reduce toxic chemicals even further than merely their own products. Pushing legislation in the right direction is key if we are to get rid of chemicals like EDCs in everyday consumer products”, says Theresa Kjell, Senior Business Advisor at ChemSec.

The proposal will also impose the Danish government to suggest a similar ban throughout the EU.

“We believe, that taking action against endocrine-disrupting substances is of such importance, that the Danish Parliament have to participate. In particular, because it has proved difficult to get the EU to adopt adequate safeguard regulation”, says Signe D. Frese, CSR Director at Coop in a press release.