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Coop Denmark joins the ChemSec Business Group

Today ChemSec announces a new member in the ChemSec Business Group – Coop Denmark. In recent years the food chain retailer has worked hard to tackle the issue of hazardous substances in their stores. Last month Coop presented a new, very progressive strategy for its product portfolio.

In a joint effort between Coop and chemical experts, 12 groups of chemicals have been identified as unwanted on the shelves of the stores. Microwave popcorn and triclosan, which is used in some brands of toothpaste, are now banned, for example. MI, a substance used in soap and cosmetics, are also banned from now on.

– Coop is a great addition to the Business Group, showing real action to phase out hazardous substances and daring to put their own demands on the contents of the products they sell. This shows that it is possible to take responsibility and care for the customers by actually taking products containing hazardous substances off the shelves when legislation does not yet demand it, says Theresa Kjell, ChemSec policy advisor.

– We are very happy to join ChemSec’s Business Group. We look forward to the network opportunities this brings and to share experiences and best practices with other companies, says Malene Teller Blume, Manager for Nonfood Quality and Social Compliance at COOP Denmark.

Coop's chemical strategy