Step 1. Investigate

Does your product contain any of the 32 EDCs?

Aim: To identify EDCs in products and add discovered EDCs to RSL list

A good base for EDC identification is to start with the 32 EDCs identified in a scientifically based study by ChemSec. If there is a need to increase the scope, a compilation of both identified EDCs, as well as EDCs under evaluation within the EU can be found here.

Use the following sources to find out whether your product or supply chain contain EDCs:

  1. Full material disclosure (FMD)
    • Request FMD from suppliers
  2. Compositional analysis data (chemical analysis)
    • Request compositional analysis data from suppliers
  3. Obtain supplier declaration or product chemical content information from suppliers

As a last resort you can perform chemical analysis. As chemical tests are expensive you might want to do some prework in investigating what kind of EDCs can be expected in a specific product or material. Knowing the use and function of the EDCs can help you here, this is described also in the next step.