Want to be part of changing the future?

Today, toxic chemicals created by man are normal ingredients found in many everyday products; they prevent your computer from catching fire, extend the life of food in different packaging, make your coat waterproof and fulfil hundreds of functions in thousands of products.

ChemSec, the International Chemical Secretariat, is an environmental nonprofit dedicated to work towards a toxic free environment. All our work is financed through grants.

ChemSec´s work is of global interest, that’s why we receive financial support for specific projects from a variety of international charitable foundations as well as from other NGOs. But this financial support only cover parts of all the work that we do.

To remain independent, we do not charge companies or others for the services we provide, such as our freely available online tools. This is why we are dependent on support from people sharing our ideals.

Any contribution is welcome. Thank you, it means the world!

Swedish Fundraising Control

(Svensk Insamlingskontroll)
ChemSec is a 90-account holder, approved and monitored by the Swedish Fundraising Control.

Only non-profit organisations approved as 90-accounts holders and monitored by the Swedish Fundraising Control are able to receive the seven-digit bank account number beginning with number 90 at PlusGirot and Bankgirot. You can contribute to ChemSec by making a donation directly to our 90-account (PG900612-3 and BG900-6123).

NGO Fundraising, Swedish Fundraising Council

(Frivilligorganisationernas Insamlingsråd, “FRII”)
ChemSec is a member of the NGO Fundraising, Swedish Fundraising Council, FRII. FRII works to ensure that fundraising in Sweden is conducted in a transparent, ethical and professional manner.

As a member of FRII, ChemSec is obliged to report annually to FRII and abide by the standards set out in FRII’s member document “the Quality Code” (“Kvalitetskoden”). The purpose of the Quality Code is to highlight and clarify how FRII’s members work in order to ensure internal checks and balances, as well as high quality in the governance of the organisation.