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ECHA ignores Member States advice, recommends fewer substances to be added to Annex XIV

ChemSec regrets ECHA removed the respiratory sensitisers, HHPA and MHHPA, from its final recommendation of substances it proposes should be added to REACH Annex XIV. HHPA and MHHPA was removed from the final recommendation even though the Member State Committee gave their opinion that all substances listed in the draft recommendation of ECHA, published on 18 November 2015, should be proposed for inclusion into Annex XIV.

During the public consultation 15 industry associations, consortia and companies submitted their opinions, all of which claimed “lack of alternatives” as a reason to not move the sensitisers to Annex XIV. According to the REACH regulation, however, the lack of alternatives argument should not be taken into consideration in this stage.

“The lack of alternatives is not a valid argument for not adding substances to annex XIV. The REACH regulation clearly states that these arguments may be put forward at a later stage, in the authorisation process”, says ChemSec Policy Advisor Frida Hök.

The process of adding substances to annex XIV has come to a complete halt, with no new substances making the move for over two years now. The Commission currently has three batches of substances recommended by ECHA for inclusion in annex XIV.

“We really hope the Commission stops acting like a bottleneck and move forward with these recommendations as soon as possible. But the process isn’t helped by the fact that ECHA shortens their list of recommended substances to annex XIV without any, in our view, valid reason”, Frida Hök concludes.