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ECHA releases report detailing the progress of REACH implementation

Safer use of chemicals, an increasing number of phase outs of dangerous chemicals and more transparency among companies concerning the chemicals they use. These are some of the highlights in an ECHA report published today, which evaluates “the impacts, successes and remaining challenges of the ground-breaking European legislation on chemicals – REACH and CLP”.

“REACH and CLP are unequivocally leading to a safer Europe. Citizens can now easily find out about the hazards of the chemicals they use”, says Geert Dancet, ECHA’s Executive Director in a written statement from the agency.

The published report is the second of its kind in which ECHA aims to give feedback on the ongoing implementation of REACH and CLP.

Among the challenges, ECHA notes that chemical data submitted by companies need to be of higher quality and recommends implementing regulation to clarify the update obligations of companies.

ECHA also sees a need to strengthen synergies with REACH and CLP and other chemical legislations in order to reduce the unnecessary burdens on businesses and provide more clarity for consumers.

“ChemSec agrees very much with the need to find synergies between different chemical frameworks and iron out potential inconsistencies. This is something we expect will happen during the REFIT process”, says Frida Hök, ChemSec policy advisor.

As an example, soaps used in healthcare and soaps used in households are covered by different regulations, even though the chemical components are exactly the same and the residue of both soaps are flushed down the drain ending up at the same place.

“Inconsistencies like this is a major obstacle for companies ranging over a large set of products and regulations, making supply chain and consumer communication very complex and burdensome”, Frida Hök concludes.