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ECHA report: Health benefits of chemical restrictions exceeds €700 million per year

A recent study by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) tries to assess the benefits of chemical restrictions for the environment and human health. Key findings in the study include:

  • Health benefits equivalent to over €700 million per year
  • Reduction of around 190 tonnes of releases of substances of concern per year.
  • Positive health impacts or removed risk for at least 81,000 consumers and workers per year.

“We hope these huge socioeeconomic benefits will inspire all European Member states as well as ECHA to put more resources into preparing restriction dossiers so that the slow progress of annex 17 now could gain speed”, says Frida Hök, ChemSec Policy Advisor.

In terms of costs relating to chemical restrictions, ECHA estimates them to be in the range of €0 and €100 million per case. These costs, however, only accounts for companies directly affected by the restriction, they do not include benefits by companies using a different, competing technology that most likely will gain market shares due to a restriction. Earlier this year ChemSec released the report The Bigger Picture, detailing these economic benefits connected with businesses reducing the use of hazardous chemicals.

ECHA study

ChemSec’s The Bigger Picture