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End of discussion: potency should not be part of EDC criteria

The German authority BfR published on the 4th of May a consensus statement resulting from a meeting held in beginning of April, signed by 20 scientists. These scientists have earlier represented different sides of the debate on how endocrine disrupters should be identified. At the meeting, however, they managed to agree that EDCs should be identified without the use of potency threshold.

– This consensus statement is indeed marking the end of discussion when it comes to identification of EDCs. The Commission cannot ignore this when they present their proposed criteria. They have earlier blamed the delay of criteria on the lack of scientific consensus, even though similar statements have been presented before. This one, however, includes also some of the scientists earlier having added confusion to the discussion by heavily criticising important scientific reports, meant to guide the Commission, says Dr Anna Lennquist, ChemSec toxicologist.

ChemSec welcomes the consensus statement, which is in line with an earlier published position paper on the matter.

Consensus statement

ChemSec position paper