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European Commission: The SIN List is a major driver for innovation

In a recent report released by the European Commissions DG Enterprise and Industry, the effects of REACH on the chemicals industry have been assessed. The report, which is part of the Commission’s REACH review, has been looking at how innovation within the chemicals sector has been influenced by REACH and what drivers exist to push substitution of hazardous substances.

Through this survey it has become clear that the SIN List is considered as a key driver alongside the REACH candidate list for companies when they decide to phase out the use of hazardous substances. Partly this is due to the pressure downstream users put on their suppliers to become SIN free.

Among the highlighted results it is stated that “It was asserted that the registration process has had an impact on innovation, but the candidate list is currently creating the greatest deal of innovative activity (with the SIN list, and more recently, possibly the CoRAP).”

European Commission with links to report and annexes