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Is Europe on the way to clean up its citizen’s mouths?

Last week the Environmental Committee in the European Parliament voted in favor of adopting the Mercury Regulation article 10, which means mercury should be phased out from dental amalgam by 2022. The Parliament will now initiate discussions with the European Council to reach an agreement before the end of the year. This means that the final proposal might change if the Council does not agree with the Parliament’s position.

Some member states have already stopped using mercury in dental amalgam, while others still allow for it to be used. These countries are also very reluctant to support an EU-wide phase out of dental amalgam.

Nevertheless, I really hope these Member States take this opportunity to protect their citizens – both the patients as well as the dentists handling the material – from exposure to harmful mercury. And the benefits will not stop there. Mercury has the ability to travel long distances and affect places far away from where it was originally used. The water quality all over Europe will be improved if a phase out is decided upon.

Finally I also hope that more dentists understand the problem and stop using mercury in their own practices, to the benefit of their clients and themselves. Why wait until 2022 to stop putting this hazardous chemical in the mouths of Europeans?


Frida Hök

Frida Hök
ChemSec Policy Advisor