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KappAhl, Houdini Sportswear, ELVINE, Stierna join ChemSec’s PFAS movement


KappAhl, Houdini Sportswear, ELVINE, Stierna join ChemSec’s PFAS movement

Published on 16 Apr 2020

It’s the movement that can’t be stopped! We had only just announced two new members ten days ago, when four new companies said they are ready to join the movement and say no to PFAS too. The new companies are:

  • KappAhl – One of Scandinavia’s leading fashion retailers with about 400 stores
  • Houdini Sportswear – A Swedish outdoor brand that offers functional clothing
  • ELVINE – Maker of jackets
  • Stierna Equestrian Sportswear – A brand that manufactures quality equestrian sportswear

These four now join H&M, Coop Denmark, Kingfisher, EurEau, Stadium and IDUN Minerals, all of whom have already joined the movement that calls for:

  • Policy makers to regulate PFAS efficiently, without the possibility for manufacturers to simply swap one PFAS chemical for an unregulated “cousin”.
  • The chemical industry to invest in innovation and develop safer alternatives to PFAS for all kinds of products.
  • A recognition that PFAS are a major health and environmental problem.
  • A commitment to end all non-essential PFAS uses in products and supply chains.
  • A call on all other brands to join this movement and work towards a phase-out of PFAS in all kinds of consumer products.

Ida Númadóttir, Quality Assurance Manager focused on chemicals at KappAhl said:

“It is important to us that our customers, suppliers and employees have confidence in our products and how they are manufactured. Chemicals are an important part of that and it is an area in which we make strict requirements and take a precautionary approach. Already in fall 2014 KappAhl banned the use of PFAS chemicals in our products. We support ChemSecs initiative to end the use of harmful PFAS chemicals”.

Malin Wetterborg, Material developer at Houdini Sportswear said:

”As a company we decided to phase out all fluorinated chemicals many years ago. We are happy to support this initiative from ChemSec to call out for legislation for harmful chemicals like PFAS. It is an important topic and we hope this initiative will push more companies to take action”.

Learn more about ChemSec’s corporate PFAS movement: https://chemsec.org/pfas/

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