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Leaked TTIP documents reveal ambitions to lower environmental protection

Large parts of TTIP negotiation texts have been leaked and published by Greenpeace, who says the texts show clear indication of US attempts to lower or circumvent EU protection for environment and public health.

Greenpeace has pointed out four issues of main concern in the leaked documents, including the scrapping of EU’s hazard approach in favor of the more lax “risk management” and a wider access for industry lobby participation in decision-making.

– This feels like the beginning of the end for TTIP as such. The previous lack of transparency has already raised massive objections within civil society, with this leak it seems like the skepticism amongst many policy makers towards the trade deal are reaching an all time high as well, says Theresa Kjell, ChemSec Senior Policy and Business Advisor.

Also among SMEs the resistance has been growing. Initiatives such as The SMEs against TTIP and Stop TTIP have seen increased member numbers, even though SMEs are told to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of TTIP.

– The leaked documents indicate that the fears of a lower level of protection and even an abandonment of the precautionary principle are actually well founded. This is clearly not the type of trade deal neither progressive companies, nor the people of Europe, can accept. Both context and openness should have been different, and now it is difficult to see how these negotiations could continue, says Theresa Kjell.

Greenpeace has set up a dedicated website where all documents can be read in full and downloaded.

Greenpeace’s TTIP site