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New restriction rules in the EU for toxic flame retardant decaBDE

The toxic flame retardant decaDBE will get restricted from 2 March 2019, ENDS Europe writes.

The substance will be restricted to manufacture and import as well as restricted in formulations and/or mixtures and articles with a concentration greater than 0.1 % of the total weight of the article.

“ChemSec welcomes this restriction decision which is very much overdue. DecaBDE is a substance that stakeholders have been talking about for decades, and we are therefore pleased with it finally being restricted”, says ChemSec Policy Advisor Frida Hök.

Some industries, however, will get exemptions. The new rules will not apply for spare parts for aircrafts produced before 2 March 2027, or spare parts used in motor vehicles produced before 2 March 2019.

Recycled material will also get a prolonged acclimatization period due to the industry’s capacity to handle waste containing decaBDE.

“ChemSec is concerned with the extended exemptions, especially for recycled materials. DecaBDE need to be phased out in order for Europe to be able to adapt to a hazardous free circular economy. It’s important that hazardous substances are not simply reintroduced on the market through recycled materials”, says Frida Hök.