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New substances finally added to annex XIV

After over two years since the latest addition, the Commission now decided to add new substances to annex XIV. All in all the REACH committee has agreed upon 12 new chemicals to added which brings the annex XIV tally to 43 substances.

“I am very positive towards this decision and I hope that the Commission continues to add more and more substances instead of waiting another year or two before doing so”, says ChemSec Policy Advisor Frida Hök.

In other recent developments, in a draft decision the Commission has proposed an extension of sunset dates for 23 substances related to spare parts that are already on annex XIV. For 9 of these substances the sunset date has even passed. This means the Commission now opens up the market of spare parts containing for example phtalates.

“There have been lots of discussions regarding spare parts and how to reduce the burden of the authorisation process for this group of companies. But to extend the sunset date, even ones that already passed, is simply extraordinary. Seems the Commission overstepped its legal mandate once again, and opened up the market for spare parts containing phatalates for example”, Frida Hök says.