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Parliament calls on Commission to comply with EU court ruling on EDC criteria

On February 2:nd there will be an afternoon oral questioning, regarding the EDC criteria delay which was in December judged by the EU court of justice to be illegal. This will take place on the EU Parliament Plenary session in Strasbourg,

The Greens have demanded the Commission to act immediately and to accept the draft criteria, which were to be recommended already in 2013. The draft proposal from 2013 suggests to use the WHO/IPCS definition of EDCs and to apply categories based on weight of evidence. However, as the responsibility for the EDC criteria were moved within the Commission from the directorate of environment to the directorate of health and consumers, it was decided that a major impact assessment should be performed before any criteria could be adopted.

Reports based on leaked documents suggest that this ongoing impact assessment is a direct result of industry lobbying, and the EU court in December ruled that that there is no provision of the regulation, which requires such an impact analysis.

The health Commissioner Andruikaitus is expected to give a statement at the Plenary in the evening evening.

Press release from the Greens
Draft criteria recommendation from 2013