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PFAS, also called “forever chemicals”, is the collective name for a group of 5,000 toxic chemicals used in many consumer products.

Studies have found links between PFAS exposure and various cancers, lowered birth weights, and adverse effects on the immune system.

The PFAS Movement gathers companies that support a ban on PFAS. We look forward to your company joining too!

You can make a difference

PFAS chemicals are used in thousands of products. Yet, at the same time, they are linked to cancer, infertility and other health problems. Join the PFAS Movement and show your customers you support a ban on PFAS chemicals.

Join a winning team of other companies, speaking with a unified voice. If we all say no to PFAS, everyone stands to gain.

Learn how your brand can show leadership – communicate with confidence about toxic PFAS chemicals.

We can teach you!

Join the movement and start your journey towards PFAS free products today.

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This is what you should tell your customers about PFAS


We know that PFAS build up in our blood and organs. We know that PFAS chemicals have been linked to serious health problems. And we know that PFAS have contaminated the drinking water of many more people than has been previously estimated. We need to end PFAS releases, ban PFAS in food packaging and filter PFAS out of our drinking water. We need to hold companies accountable.
Mark Ruffalo, PFAS activist and Hollywood actor portraying Robert Bilott in the film "Dark Waters" 
I spent most of my career fighting PFAS contamination so know first-hand the risks these chemicals pose and the damage they can cause. As a citizen, it’s almost impossible to avoid PFAS since they are virtually everywhere. That’s why it is so important to support the efforts of those companies that are taking responsibility to do the right thing to try to phase out these chemicals from as many products as they can as quickly as possible. Thanks ChemSec and PFAS Movement for stepping up and helping moving the market towards safer products.
Robert Bilott, Environmental Attorney with more than 20 years’ experience in pursuing litigation of unlawful handling of hazardous PFAS chemicals; his story is depicted in the film "Dark Waters"

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