Endocrine disruptors on the SIN List

Under REACH, the most hazardous chemicals are identified as so called Substances of Very High Concern. These are substancs that are either carcinogenic, mutagenic, or toxic for reproduction, (CMR substances), or persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT substances). There is also a third route, naimly “substances, such as those having endocrine disrupting properties […] which give raise to an equivalent level of concern” (REACH article 57).

The SIN List contains substances identified by ChemSec as Substances of Very High Concern in accordance with the criteria set up in REACH. The purpose of the SIN List is to speed up the REACH process and give guidance to companies on which chemicals they need to substitute.

ChemSec has included a number of EDCs on the SIN List, both equivalent concern substances that had indications of endocrine disruption as well as solely due to their endocrine disrupting properties.

You can read more about the EDCs on the SIN List in our publication the 32 to leave behind.