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PRESS RELEASE: ChemSec Present Online Tool for Sustainable Investments in Chemicals

By making information on the product portfolios of Europe’s chemical producers publically available, non-profit ChemSec aims to give sustainable investors, rating agencies and other stock market stakeholders a quick overview of the producers’ sustainability efforts.

By searching the new online tool SIN Producers you will get information about how many chemicals on the SIN-list a certain company produces or imports, as well as which ones that are about to be banned or restricted in the legislative process of REACH (candidate list).

– ChemSec has always considered the SIN-list as a sneak peak into the future of chemicals regulation, since the inclusion on the SIN-list is based on REACH criteria. The SIN Producers list is based on the same data. Investors can use the information to either convince the company to put more effort towards non-hazardous chemicals, or simply to avoid investing in a company with a product portfolio scheduled for political regulation in the coming years, says Sonja Haider, project manager of the SIN Producers list.

Earlier versions of the SIN Producers list were paperback folders updated bi-annually. This new online version is tied to the same database as ChemSec’s SIN-list and will follow the same update schedule. You can search SIN Producers either by company name, chemical name or by filtering it to two indices: the MSCI World Developed Markets Index and the STOXX® All Europe 800 Chemicals index. As with all ChemSec’s tools, the SIN Producers is free of charge.