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Replacing Phthalates

This report has been written to provide an overview of a group of chemicals that is gaining more and more attention – phthalates. Without drowning you in details, it describes why, where and how phthalates are used and offers guidance on how to substitute them for safer alternatives.

The Missing Piece – Chemicals in Circular Economy

This ChemSec publication highlights the piece that has been missing in the circular economy debate – hazardous chemicals. Designing and manufacturing products to be recycled is great, but without proper attention to chemicals, circular economy will never work.

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Electronics Without Brominated Flame Retardants and PVC – a Market Overview (2010)

ChemSec’s “Electronics without brominated flame retardants and PVC– a Market Overview” demonstrates that it is technically and economically feasible to replace toxic brominated flame retardants and polyvinyl chloride, PVC, in a wide range of electronic products. The Market Overview lists over 500 products free from these toxics. A transition within industry is possible. Do regulators help or hinder

Greening Consumer Electronics Report (2009)

The report: “Greening Consumer Electronics: Moving Away from Bromine and Chlorine” features seven companies who have engineered environmental solutions that negate the need for most – or in some cases all – uses of brominated and chlorinated chemicals.

Campaigning against toxics – Using REACH outside Europe (2008)

The adoption of REACH in the EU is an important issue beyond the legislation itself. It creates great opportunities for NGOs in other parts of the world to gear up their campaigns against toxic pollution. This booklet aims to guide the reader to the basics of the new EU chemicals regulation and to inspire NGOs to use it to promote better regulation and practices in other parts of the world.

Substitution 1.0 – the art of delivering toxic-free products (2008)

As new information emerges on the potential dangers of hazardous chemicals, and as consumer awareness grows, individual companies are waking up to the implications for their brand image and overall competitiveness. This report takes a closer look at various aspects of substitution and describes the substitution efforts of progressive businesses, some of them in the ChemSec Business Group.