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Replacing Phthalates

This report has been written to provide an overview of a group of chemicals that is gaining more and more attention – phthalates. Without drowning you in details, it describes why, where and how phthalates are used and offers guidance on how to substitute them for safer alternatives.

The Missing Piece – Chemicals in Circular Economy

This ChemSec publication highlights the piece that has been missing in the circular economy debate – hazardous chemicals. Designing and manufacturing products to be recycled is great, but without proper attention to chemicals, circular economy will never work.

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New chemicals policy in the EU – good or bad for companies? (2003)

In this first booklet ever produced by ChemSec, the new EU chemical legislation REACH is analysed from a corporate perspective. Here it is shown that a strong legislation means positive changes for companies that realise that environmental regulation creates new opportunities such as new markes for new, “greener products” and processes and improved trust among consumers, employees and investors.

Principles for a toxic free environment (2003)

Chemicals policies are increasingly focusing on the hazardous properties of chemicals and aiming for a toxic free environment. But what does this mean and how can it be done?

This booklet aims to give a basic understanding of these concepts and the principles that need to be included in the process. When consistently applied, they create the basis for a safer handling of chemicals, a policy truly aiming to avoid negative effects on human health and the environment.