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Information on Chemicals in Electronic Products (2011)

– A study of needs, gaps, obstacles and solutions to provide and access information on chemicals in electronic products

This report, commissioned by the United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP, is based on document analysis and in-depth interviews with stakeholder throughout the life cycle of electronics, including manufacturers of chemicals and materials, brand owners, recyclers and NGOs in developing countries.

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Electronics Without Brominated Flame Retardants and PVC – a Market Overview (2010)

ChemSec’s “Electronics without brominated flame retardants and PVC– a Market Overview” demonstrates that it is technically and economically feasible to replace toxic brominated flame retardants and polyvinyl chloride, PVC, in a wide range of electronic products. The Market Overview lists over 500 products free from these toxics. A transition within industry is possible. Do regulators help or hinder