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SIN Producers – The investors tool from ChemSec

User-friendly and fit-for-purpose – these were our intentions when we created the SIN Producers List, to make it easier for investors to gather information about companies that are producing or importing hazardous chemicals in Europe.

You can search the SIN Producers List either by company name or by filtering it to parameters like the two indices we used: the MSCI World Developed Markets Index and the STOXX® All Europe 800 Chemicals index, sectors in accordance with the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) or regions.

The search result will give you a company overview and the number of hazardous chemicals on the SIN list, as well as which ones that are about to be banned or restricted in the legislative process of REACH (candidate list). Click “More Info” for the indices, sectors, regions and production countries. “Chemical Information” will give you the chemical names and CAS-number. For further information on the chemicals you will be taken to the SIN database containing substance information.

The “Share results” button lets you export all information to excel files or share it with others by creating an URL. A printing option is offered as well.