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Sweden targets the Commission with new criticism regarding EDCs

In a letter to the Commission, Sweden’s Minister for Climate and Environment, Åsa Romson, expresses her disappointment with the Commissions initial statement after the EU court’s ruling regarding delayed EDC criteria. The Commissions statement gave the impression that it aims to continue with its impact assessment and is unable to provide any information about when the criteria might be in place.

The statement was released in the wake of the EU court’s ruling, where it found the Commission guilty of breaching EU law, in the lawsuit initiated by Sweden and several other member states, the Parliament and the Council.

In the letter, Åsa Romson writes that she “expects that the Commission will take the measures necessary to comply with the treaties and to meet the legitimate expectation of citizens that the EU will protect human health and the environment against the threat of endocrine disruptors.”

In a letter signed by several NGOs, the Commission is also criticized for its inaction on the court ruling.

The Commission must appeal the court ruling within two months.


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