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Swedish paint association: “Lead chromates are neither wanted nor needed”

In a joint debate article the Swedish branch organisation for paints, SVEFF, and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, SSNC, urge the Swedish Government to put pressure on EU to consequently prohibit lead chromates in paint.

Earlier this year, Echa’s Committees Rac and Seac published their opinions on an application to use lead chromate pigments in paint. The committees’ compiled recommendation to the European Commission was to grant authorization for the mentioned substances.

Suitable alternatives to lead chromates were developed by industry decades ago, and have been used for the last 25 years. SVEFF worries that allowing a single company to use these hazardous chemicals would abate the incentives for producers to work proactively on substitution of problematic substances in the future.

“It should be a matter of course to keep lead chromates off the EU market, as well as to phase them out in Canada and other countries where they are still allowed”, SSNC and SVEFF says in the debate article.

– We are happy to see that SSNC and SVEFF make common cause on this very important issue, and we fully support their stands, says Frida Hök, Policy Advisor at ChemSec.

Lead is a toxic metal that can cause problems in the environment and for human health, such as damage to the nervous system. Children are particularly vulnerable to exposure.

SVEFF and SSNC debate article (in Swedish)