The SIN List is updated, new CMRs and more
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The SIN List is updated, new CMRs and more

The SIN List database was updated last week with new substances and now consists of a total of 912 CAS numbers. This can be compared to 173 CAS numbers on the Candidate List.

The new substances are mainly newly classified CMRs substances. In addition the group of heptylphenols was added from the January update of the Candidate List. This is entered as one substance on the Candidate List, but consist of several CAS numbers.

“One of ChemSec’s aims with the SIN List is to always try and predict which substances that will end up on the Candidate List beforehand. So far we managed to predict 94 per cent prior them being listed, so in that sense users can really rely on the SIN List to “look into the future” of European chemicals legislation”, says Jerker Ligthart at ChemSec.

Twice a year ChemSec checks if all substances on the Candidate List are on the SIN List. If not, they are added to database so that SIN List users can be sure to not miss Candidate List substances when using the SIN List.

When new substances are officially classified as CMRs category 1a or b, they fulfil the REACH criteria of being SVHCs by default; thereby they also belong on the SIN List. In this update substances from the update ATP09 and the tentative ATP10 were added, in total 20 new substances.

“We recommend to keep track of these new CMRs in processes and products and to look into substitution opportunities. Already by classification they are subject to certain regulation and could also be targeted by REACH in the near future”, mr Ligthart continues.

The new substances can be found in the SIN List database and additional information about the update can be found here.