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Two new SVHCs added to the Candidate List, but overall progress is slow

Today the European Chemicals Agency, ECHA, announced that two new additions have been made to the Candidate List. The added SVHCs are not single substances – the first addition are chemical mixtures of phthalates containing dihexyl phthalate, a substance that is already on both the Candidate List and the SIN-list. The second addition is a group of substances with very persistent and bioaccumulative properties.

– While it is positive to see new additions to the Candidate List, the progress itself is really slow. It’s important to identify all relevant SVHCs as soon as possible, therefor ChemSec encourages all member states to keep proposing new substances and contribute to speeding up the process, says Frida Hök, ChemSec Policy Advisor.

Areas of use

The first addition, the chemical mixtures containing dihexyl phthalate, are used for example as plasticisers and lubricants, including use in adhesives, coatings, building material, cable compounding, polymer foils, PVC compounds and artist supply.

The second group of substances is often used as a fragrance ingredient.

The decision to add these two chemical groups was based on proposals by Sweden and the Netherlands. The Candidate List now contains 163 substances. Of those, 31 have subsequently been included in the Authorisation List. As a reference, ChemSec’s SIN-list contains 830 substances.

ECHA’s press release