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Unep: The SIN List is an important tool to identify EDCs

The UN Environment Programme (Unep) is consulting on a draft report identifying the most important Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs). The report proposes 77 substances to be further investigated based on their presence on either the REACH candidate list, the Danish EPA list of EDCs or ChemSec’s SIN List. According to Unep these three lists have the “most justified and robust selection criteria”.

“We are glad that also Unep confirms that the SIN List is really a practical tool which can be used by any organization or company wishing to identify EDCs for action, in spite of the never-ending story of any official EDC criteria to be adopted”, says ChemSec’s toxicologist, Dr Anna Lennquist.

Currently there are 32 substances on the SIN List identified primarily as EDCs.

The current draft criteria proposed by the Commission in June have been heavily criticized. NGO Client Earth even goes so far as to suggest they are illegal.

Unep’s report is open for consultation until 15 September.