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Webinar: Applications for authorisation – How to respond during public consultation

February 10 ChemSec will be part of a webinar hosted by ECHA, focusing on identifying and sharing best practice on how to provide information on alternatives. The webinar will also inform how the public consultations in applications for authorisation work in general. The webinar is based on lessons learned from over 50 consultations carried out so far. It also gives an opportunity for ECHA to get feedback to further develop the consultation process.

The webinar will consist of a presentation from ECHA followed by a panel discussion with Frida Hök from the International Chemical Secretariat (Chemsec), Hugo Waeterschoot from the European Association of the Metals Industry (Eurometaux) and two industry experts (an applicant and a commentator of alternatives).

Webinar date

10 February 2016 11:00 – 12:30 Helsinki time

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