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Webinar: Endocrine Disruptors – A risk to your portfolio?

A recording of today’s one-hour webinar for investors is now available, see the video below.

Highlights from the webinar include:

  • An overview of endocrine disruptors and recent policy developments by ChemSec’s toxicologist Dr Anna Lennquist.
  • Lisa Beavilan from Impax Asset Manegement explaining how their firm works to identify problematic chemicals, as part of the process for evaluating companies: “Our strategy is to follow the precautionary principle; investors have really welcomed this strategy”.
    Lisa Beavilan also says that lack of transparency is a key problem when wanting to avoid investment in hazardous chemicals, but she believes that this is now changing and that the investor community plays a big role in increasing transparency.
  • Malene Blume Teller from COOP Denmark provides interesting insights to how COOP’s progressive work to phase-out hazardous chemicals, especially endocrine disrupting chemicals, has resulted in financial benefits.
    “To work very actively with phaseout of hazardous chemicals is a good business strategy. Key is to inform the consumers. Then you can really earn respect and loyalty from your consumers.”